Breakfast protein shake

Most days of the working week we have shakes for breakfast or rakes as John likes to call them. I love shakes they are so easy to make, filling and yummy. These shakes are so healthy and a great way to get some extra protein and fruit into our diet. These measurements are an estimate as it all depends on how warm the soy milk is and how thick you like your shake. This makes two very large glasses for us and one small one for John. 
2 cups flavoured soy milk (we love strawberry but also use chocolate and vanilla) 
2 cups frozen strawberries 
1 large banana
2 T protein powder
Add the fruit then the powder then the milk in a blender then blend to your heart’s content.
You could use normal or flavoured milk instead of soy but I’m not a fan of milk so we buy soy milk. You could also add whatever fruit you want we like to use strawberries and bananas. Do you make shakes? What do you like to put in them?  
Madeleine  x
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