Break it down! Stop, it’s honey time!

My first product review; Woohoo what great fun and even better it’s edible!! When Sarah called for reviews I constantly put my hand up but it wasn’t to be my turn but now we got to review some yummy Airborne honey and guess what we get to keep it! Nomnomnom. Was very exciting when the honey arrived by courier – there was a lovely squeezy bottle called honey for kids and clover honey – my favourite!
I have muesli with home made yoghurt, fruit and honey for breakfast. Well the yoghurt machine, as I like to call it, makes the yoghurt. It drives Mr Ecochick crazy; he hates that I call it a yoghurt machine but it makes yoghurt so thus it’s a yoghurt machine! (pokes tongue out). I think the compromise has been reached and now it’s a yoghurt factory.  
The squeezy bottle was so super easy to use on my morning muesli (which Mr Ecochick usually makes and brings me in bed most days! I am so spoilt). Just hold upside down and pour over one yummy muesli, fruit and yoghurt delight. The bottle was great I love it! It has a wonderful little silicone(?) cap that sits inside the plastic lid that stops the honey running out super fast and even better when you’re finished with the honey it gobbles the remainder of the honey back into the bottle; so no mess! The honey was nice maybe a tiny bit strong for my muesli but great on toast. I have to say boy do I love that bottle. Will be keeping the bottle and maybe pouring my clover honey into it?
The clover honey was a lovely rich white colour. It looked like real honey and was oh so tasty. I was so glad that I was to review the clover honey as this is my favourite and is the honey I personally buy so killing two birds with one stone; I get to eat my favourite honey and then write about it. The Airborne clover honey is a lovely thick tasty honey, I would definitely be buying this one again.
It’s such a luxury to have good quality honey in the house. Since I’m the only one that eats honey and I generally only have it on my muesli I tend to buy whatever is on special so it’s really great and I feel very spoilt to have such yummy honey with my breaky. Thanks Airborne. 

Enter to win your very own Airborne honey over at Kiwi mummy blogs. So go on over and be in quick maybe you can win your own yummys for your muesli too.
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