Bread glorious bread

I am totally into making my own bread after Wendyl Nissen’s book got me hooked. Her bread recipe is so easy to make but is only good if I remember to make the dough the night before, therefore I wanted to make some easy bread that only took a few hours. I made a soda dough today but wasn’t that sure about it so I wanted a different bread for the amazing mushroom soup we had for dinner. So Jamie Oliver to the rescue. You can find the full hand kneaded recipe on his website I’m just going to tell you the cheats version (well what I did). I would totally make this bread again but next time I would half the recipe as it makes A LOT of bread.
1 kg strong bread flour (I used 750g high grade flour and 250g wholemeal)
625ml tepid water
30g fresh yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
1 level tablespoon salt
extra flour for dusting
To make the bread:
Put the flour in a kenwood mixer (or whatever mixer you own) pour in half your water, add the yeast, sugar and salt then let the mixer do it’s mixing thing! Once the dough looks like porridge add the rest of the water. Continue mixing until it’s a silky elastic doughy (takes a few minutes).
Flour the top of the dough then cover with a tea towel (why do they always say that? I love it so now I always cover with a tea towel). Leave for half an hour till it’s doubled in size.
Put the mixture back in the mixer for a minute or so. Shape the dough and put it on whatever you’re going to cook it on (I used a floured oven tray). Cover with a tea towel (haha) and let the dough rise again for 30 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 200C. Cook the bread for 20-30 minutes till brown and cooked all the way through. Leave the bread to cool. Cut the bread once it’s cold – we didn’t wait and it really did not like being cut while it was hot. Nomnomnomn
I think you could add whatever ingredients you wanted to this recipe to change the flavour ie add nuts, pumpkin seeds, rye, grains, etc. I will experiment. What are you favourite homemade bread recipes?
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