Boys vs girls!

Little John is OBSESSED with any and all switches and plugs (have to say it drives me a little crazy constantly telling him to leave them alone or taking them off him). So Mr Ecochick made John a new toy – his very own switch. Take one old switch, an off cut of wood, stick together and now you have a wonderful free toy for a very happy little boy. The thing I wonder is are boys and girls born so different or do we make the differences?
John is crazy about plugs and power tools; all tools really (he thinks all his dreams have come at once at the moment with all the bathroom renovations). Is this in his blood? Mr Ecochick and my father are both engineers so maybe this accounts for his electrical tendencies? I certainly haven’t encouraged him to be more of a boy than to play with girly things; so are our kids just born this way? Society definitely defines things into girl and boy categories; just check out any clothing store the boy side is all blue and green and the girl side is all pink and purple. What does this all mean then? Are we in a boy vs girl world? One where only boys use power tools, eat snails and build things and girls cook, clean and play with dolls?
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