Book review; Wendyl Nissen’s Supermarket Companion

As I’m sure most of you know I love everything Wendyl (I have a huge girl crush on her!). I own and have read all her books so when her new book was available I bought it that very day. I have to say I was a little apprehensive about reading this book. Did I really want to know what was in my food? All those E numbers can be very intimidating. However, in true Wendyl style the book is informative and an easy read rather than an in your face scaremongering what you shouldn’t eat book. Once I picked this book up I read it in one day flat I just couldn’t put it down!
The book is divided into easy to read food chapters (ie; meat, bread, treats, sugar, etc) with beautiful pictures done by Wendyl’s daughter. At the end of each chapter there is a findings section which talks about what’s really in 48 popular products plus some great food recipes. I was so relieved that each chapter is informative with easy to follow advice. I love that Wendyl has included new stories about her family I just love those!  
At the end of the book there is a list of what all the E numbers are plus their side affects. I’m so relieved that many of the numbers actually aren’t bad at all! The last four pages are “eggs” that contain additives to completely avoid. These lists make it super easy to read ingredients packets; once you’ve looked at a few food packets it gets pretty easy to spot the “bad” numbers from the “good” ones. Wendyl’s book makes this process so easy and undaunting.
Of course I went through my pantry to find out what terrible things I had lurking in there I am very happy to report that the worst thing in there were the two minute noodles which contain MSG so from now on we’ll buy plain noodles and add our own flavourings. I guess this is all helped by the fact that we pretty much cook form scratch and don’t buy many processed foods. Oh and yes you can still eat chips!!! Nachos is one of my favourite meals so glad it’s still on the menu!
Thanks Wendyl for a very informative unscary book. This book is a must for everyone trying to reduce the chemicals they bring into their home and they are ingesting. You could photocopy the eggs at the back of the book (maybe a little pull out chart could be added to reruns?) to add to your wallet to stop those nasty chemicals coming into your home. Take the plunge and see what you’re really eating.  

 Madeleine  x

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