Book review: Lynda Hallinan’s Back to the Land

I’m a huge Lynda Hallinan fan; I love the NZ gardener and the Homegrown series (I have all the books bar the fruit tree one as I’m still looking for it); so when Lynda released her new book I just knew I wanted to read it. The lovely folk at Penguin sent me a copy to read and review. Thank you so much. The subtitle to the book is “a year of country gardening” and that is exactly what this book is. It’s Lynda’s diary of living in the country; all the amazing plants she planted, harvested and sold plus her first year at motherhood and life on the farm. Her book is very inspirational and I am oh so jealous that she can order (and has room) for hundreds of fruit trees!!! Even ordering 100 at a time!!! Wow how exciting would that be?! 
Back to the Land is (of course) very well written and beautifully presented with loads of amazing full colour photos of Lynda’s garden in all it’s glory. The book is divided into the four seasons which works as a great seasonal gardening guide on what to grow, preserve, plant, eat and make each season. There are over 60 yummy looking recipes from cinnamon brioche and pickled onions to fruit sorbet and apple cider. This book works as a great guide of which fruit tree or vegetable or flower variety to buy and Lynda has also included her top 10 favourite roses. So when I was deciding which pear tree or nasturtium seeds to buy this was my go to book no doubt I will return to this book again and again when I want to buy and plant something new.          
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