Book review: Janet Luke’s Green Urban Living

Simple steps to growing food, keeping chickens, worm farming, beekeeping and much more in New Zealand.  

sponser_nz_ecochickWOW is all I can say about the amazing gardening/ self sufficiency Green Urban Living by Janet Luke. I love, love, LOVE this book!!! I love that Janet calls Green Urban Living Gurbing. I love that each chapter is broken up into individual fascinating topics, these topics include creating a green urban garden, growing vegetables/ herbs/ fruit/ flowers and micro-livestock. I love that there are loads of natural/ organic tips from companion planting to dealing with pests and making your own fertiliser.

The chapters are jam packed full of easy to follow information with great top tip boxes plus wonderful step by step guides for a variety of super useful gardening resources/ items, for example how to build a chicken tractor (I can’t wait to get my chooks so that we can build one) or make your own compost tumbler. I love all the see how it’s done you tube videos that accompany the fabulous information. I love that everything in her book is about living sustainably but doing so on a budget. I find too many sustainable books I’ve read are not practical unless you have a lot of money but Gurbing is all about using items you already have around the home or can buy easily and cheaply.

green_urban_livingGreen urban Living is full of super useful information for the compete gardening beginner to the more advanced/ experienced gardening or someone living in an apartment to someone with some or lots of land. This book is a must for anyone who wants to grow a few vegetables in pots or most of their own food to learning how to live more sustainably or be more self-sufficient. I love that you can pick and chose how much you use from this book. If you only ever bought one gardening/ self sufficiency book this should be it!!! I know I will be re-reading this book again and again and again!

I am very happy to announce that I have a signed copy of Green Urban Living to give away to one lucky New Zealand reader. Since this book is about gardening and living self sufficiency in New Zealand the competition is only open to New Zealand.

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Along with sending me a signed copy for myself and one to give away to one lucky reader. Janet was kind enough to also send me a packet of the wonderful bee banquet. This is a wonderful collection of flowers that will attract bees to your garden. I’m also super excited as next month I’m going to meet Janet with some friends to look at her amazing garden! I can’t wait!!


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