Bloody good tweezers!!!

I’m a girly girl; I love make up, I love my skin care, I love nail polish, I love dressing up and I love good tweezers! A strange topic for today; tweezers! Why would I want to blog about tweezers? Because these are the world’s most freaking amazingly fantastically wonderful tweezers!!! Tweezers are a must have in any home; you never know when you might need them. They have so many uses; when you drop the syringe into the gripe water and your fingers are too big to get it out, or when you get a pesky splinter, when you need to get your sd card out of your computer and of course the all important plucking your eyebrows!

tweezers_good_onesNow you can’t just use any old tweezers for this job. I mean your eyebrows are on your face you can’t hide them! You need bloody good tweezers for this job and sorry NZ but your tweezers suck! Every few years when my folks are in Holland I get them to bring me back Pfeilring tweezers (woohoo just found them in New Zealand so I’ll be able to buy them FOREVER!). That’s right these last for years!!

So I thought right we’re in Holland so I’ll get some more of those gold plated (well they aren’t really but they should be!!) amazing tweezers. The hunt was on we went to De Bijenkorf as that’s where I first discovered theses amazing little gems but the store has all changed so they didn’t have any so about 10 stores and two cities later I found some. So I bought not one or two but three!! Might go get another one for good measure.

Just did my eyebrows and I tell you they are smiling!!!So next time you put something metal near your face think about what you’re using!


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