Birthday clock

Loving making my own gifts at the moment; feels a great sense of achievement. I made this clock for my mother in law for her birthday. I found the idea thanks to Martha Stewart; there are some great ideas and crafts on her site that are relativity easy to make. I bought a metal tray from the salvation army shop it had a big picture of the Sydney opera house on it – guess someone brought it as a souvenir he he. I bought some etching primer – I thought you could just use any old paint that I had in the garage but luckily Mr Ecochick saved the day because apparently you can’t paint straight onto metal. So a few coats of the primer and the Sydney opera house was gone. I decided not to paint over the primer so the clock will stay white.
I had great fun going through all the boxes of buttons I have here. My Opa used to work as the secretary of a button company in Holland so we have truck loads of buttons; all different colours, sizes and shapes. Found some amazing buttons that I glued on. Had a little fun and put a teapot button at three o’clock and a button with stars on it at ten o’clock. I bought a clock mechanism off trade me which Mr Ecochick helped me put on the clock. I’m very happy with the result I hope my mother in law likes it. 

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