Birdnest necklace tutorial

I saw this fantastic necklace tutorial on Sarah Ortega’sblog and just knew I had to make one for my bestfriend for Christmas. These necklaces look amazing once they are finished and are a fun, easy, quick gift to make. I will definitely be making more of these as they look really fabulous.  

1 metre 24 or 20 gauge wire
Buttons/ pearls/ beads
Necklace chain


I bought my wire from a bead shop their wire is much finer and also shinny and much prettier than the wire you would buy at a hardware store.  

For the centre detail you could use buttons/ beads/ pearls/ anything you can think of with a hole in it or if it doesn’t have a hole in it drill one. I bought a beautiful glass bead that had a wire cage around it as it just screamed my bestfriend’s name. 


Thread the wire through the middle of your chosen bead(s). The bead I choose had loops on either end of the bead so I just threaded my wire through the loops. Wrap the wire around your beads five or six times until you have the desired birdnest affect you want.

Wrap the wire around itself through the space between the beads and the wire. I did three loops around the wire. I did this a total of three times around the bead. 

If you have left over wire wrap the remaining wire around the beads and through the loops you made until you have no wire left or you could simply cut the wire now. You might need pliers to help you pull the wire through the loops.

Make a small loop for the necklace to hang on then cut off the leftover wire and secure this to the looped wire. Attach a necklace and place in a pretty box or bag to give as a gift. 


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