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Animal feeders make life so much easier. I have a wonderful Grandpa’s chook feeder for my big girls (my chooks) they love it and so do I! So I decided to make a dispenser for my mini girls (my quails) as I found I was filling their food bowl twice a day. There was also a lot of food bulling going on when I did top up the quail’s feeder which I wanted to stop. I made this easy feeder from items around my home so that the quails can eat anytime they want rather than waiting for me to refill their bowl. feeder_quails_dispensery

What you’ll need to make your bird feeder

A plastic dish/ bowl

Something sharp to make make holes with

2 cable ties

Metal wires (this is curtain wiring) or metal string

Metal hooks (if you use curtain wiring)

Wire cutters

A glass bottle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake your plastic bowl and punch/ drill two holes in it about three centimeters apart.

feeder_quails_dispenseryAttach the bowl to the wires of the cage with cable ties.

feeder_quails_dispenseryHold your bottle to the wires of the cage and measure how much curtain wire you need to cut. You’ll need to cut two lengths of wire. One to go around the neck of the bottle to keep the bottle just out of the bowl. Then one wire to go around the body of the bottle to keep the bottle in place and stop if falling off the wires. Once you have cut your two wires screw in some hooks to attach the wires and bottle onto the cage.

If you’re using wire instead of curtain wire. Also cut two lengths but make sure the lengths are long enough to go around the bottle and through the back of the cage so you can tie the wires together instead of using hooks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce you have all your bits cut to length and your bowl is attached to the wire fill your bottle with bird feed and put your bottle into the bowl. I find putting the lid on the bottle then pushing the bottle into wires and onto the bowl stops a lot of the food spilling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe quails very quickly learnt how to use their feeder and now they just come and help themselves whenever they want. I find I need to fill the bottle about every two days. Quails are very messy eaters and spill a lot of food! In the beginning the chooks would try to peck the food form the outside of the cage which was very funny to watch they soon learnt they were getting nowhere with this! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also made a dispenser for the chooks for their chicken calcium.

How do you feed your birds?

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