Berry garden

Woohoo my berry garden is now well underway. I prepared my very heavy difficult to dig clay soil by adding gib in the hope that this will break the soil up and allow it to drain more easily (fingers crossed it’ll also be easier to dig!). I then added a bag of organic compost that I bought from the local scout group (I remember the days of fundraising as a scout man we did everything! From lamington making to can collections- I still can’t eat lamingtons!).

I had to dig a 1m hole for my raspberries but the clay was so hard to dig that there is NO way this was going to happen I think I’m lucky if my holes were 30cm deep but I did my best (Mr Ecochick is away so I was on my own on this one – god only knows how he was able to dig a two metre trench in this ground! He must be super strong!).

I’ve planted 7 raspberry canes and 2 blackcurrant bushes. I’ve also planted a black passionfruit here too. Not sure if any of these will fruit this year but my garden (and John) is teaching me patience which can only be a good thing especially in this instant gratification world we now live in. I’d really like to plant some blueberries and some thornless blackberries aswell. Yum!

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