Bathroom vanity tiles

I was finally able to get the tiler round to remove the old purple tiles that came with the vanity. The vanity looked amazing as it was but I wanted the whole bathroom to match. So out with the old and in with the new!  
The tiler cut out the old tiles this was made super easy but the fact that the people who made the vanity used rimu everywhere in the unit including the backboard. Odd but it meant the tiles came out easily.
In with the new! Wow what a difference. The bathroom completely ties in now.  
 Aren’t they beautiful?
 Our shower so you can see the tiles in action.
Now only the door needs painting and we’ll never have the touch the bathroom again(well not for the next 10 years or so).  I so so love our bathroom and can’t believe how amazing it’s all turned out.
Madeleine  x
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