Bathroom update; week three

So we’re at the end of week three. I’m pretty happy with our progress. So at the end of week three I have no walls, no shower, no ceiling and no doors. All in all we’re doing very well. We have changed our minds a few times; moved one wall to allow room for a chest fridge and rearranged the layout of the whole room to accommodate a green Bosch washing machine and dryer.  We’ve also completely rewired and have moved the meter box outside the house (woohoo no more rubber wiring in our home!). 
Anyways it’s all been smooth sailing; life has been pretty comfy despite having no shower, hot water or washing machine. We’re very lucky mum and dad and my brother and his family only live down the road and so we’ve been going there using their showers. Mum’s also been doing our washing which has been great especially since John uses cloth nappies. It’s been such a good feeling doing most of the work ourselves (and saved us truck loads of money). 
My parents have been amazing and have helped us so much with everything dad and Mr Ecochick have had three weeks off work and both have been flat out every day. Mum and I have been doing bits and pieces here and there; spent the last two days on my hands and knees stripping and nailing floors. John has thought this has all been great fun and has been playing with all the tools he can get his hands on. Ceiling goes in tomorrow – exciting.
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