Bathroom toys

John loves having baths but with kids you get toys and with toys you get mess. John was given this cute bath net to keep all his toys in. I like that his toys are all organised and kept in one place; he knows where they are and I don’t have to step over toys to get in the shower. However this net is made from plastic and so won’t be recyclable at the end of its life. So I thought of some different options that are cheap and environmentally friendly. 

I love these bags made out of old t-shirts. This bag has so many uses first of course as a bag for shopping; it could be used to store kiddie’s toys in the bathroom or in the bedroom. I love the bright colours. Just attach some  suckers to the bags and stick to your bathroom wall. 

This great reusable string bag would also be cool for a kid’s room or as a bath net. What do you use to keep your kids toys together neat and tidy? 

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