Bathroom rubbish

Well I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about our bathroom but it isn’t finished yet and I have more to say so guess what another bathroom post. This post is about the rubbish that has come out of the bathroom. When renovating you can’t get around the fact that you are going to have rubbish to get rid of one way or another.
I’ve tried to reduce the amount of rubbish that is going to the tip; a friend is coming to collect the old shub and maybe some of the tapwear (what he doesn’t want I’ll offer on freecycle), all the wood from the walls is either going to be reused as it’s rimu or dad is going to use it for firewood, all the copper is going to be sold and some of the bathroom cabinets have been put in the garage for Mr Ecochick’s toys. 
We have an ugly concrete wall that I want to hang planter pots on filled with herbs so yesterday I decided I’m going to fill the old laundry sink with soil and hang that up. Mum has a matching one in her backyard so I’m going to get that one too. I’ll get my new planter pots sooner than I thought.
Even with all this effort we still had a trailer full of waste (hardy board and other stuff). As green as I try and be I can’t get around the fact that sometimes there is going to be rubbish to thrown in the tip.
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