Bathroom renovations

So the new bathroom has begun (we’re a week in) so all is going to be a little quiet on the posting front as I really should be helping rather than playing with my much loved green computer. I’m very excited about the wall-less/ ceilingless bathroom and laundry that I now have! Mr Ecochick and I had a wonderful Sunday night last week bashing; that’s right bashing with a hammer!! Who hasn’t wanted to do that – just pick up a hammer and smash a freaking hole in the wall! I tell you demolition work is VERY satisfying! So primal smashing holes in walls!  And you know what I’m awesome at demolition work!
I made this hole!!!! Felt real naughty!
After week one the renovations are coming along very nicely. We have removed all the walls and ceilings in this whole area (oh plus two walls!). We still have a shower and a toilet but I think these are coming out on Monday so at the moment it’s just really cold but not too big a deal as we have still had a shower but the next few weeks will be a little more like camping. All good family lives close by so no big deal. I am very excited about the new green bathroom that we’re making! Will keep you posted.  
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