Bath sponge alternatives

I have always used a body puff in the shower but I hate that most of them are made of plastic. Yes the plastic ones last for ages but they are still plastic and there is nothing that can be done with them at the end of their life. So on my path to reducing our rubbish output I went looking for alternatives.
Now I’m using a wonderful hemp sponge that will be compostable. I like the feel of the hemp it’s nice and rough; a great exfoliant. There are many other great alternatives that can all be composted.

You could crochet your own bath puff in colours that match your bathroom if you like.

I love bamboo and low and behold you can buy bamboo sponges as well.

Or you could grow your own loofahs.

I also love wooden back brushes with long handles. It is hard to find brushes without any plastic on them. I’m still looking. 

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