Basket labels

I thought I’d share how I made my basket labels. I love having my pantry all nicely organised with my glass jars and baskets. Since all my jars have lovely labels on them I wanted my baskets to have nice labels too. So Mr Ecochick made me some rimu labels that he cut off a piece of a rimu that came out of our house. They look so great.
I gave the labels a quick sand all over.
I drilled two holes in the top of all the labels. Once I got the width I wanted I used that label as a template to drill the rest of the labels.
I hung up all the labels by threading fishing line through the holes I made and attaching the labels to the washing line. I gave the labels three coats of varnish; one 50/50 mix of vanish and turps and two coats of just varnish.
Some other interesting things hanging on the washing line that day. This is John’s favourite toy; Lala (Leonidas is his actual name) and his monsties. These satin squares are a life saver, he sleeps with them (actually stuffs them in his mouth) and sleeps nice and quietly all night!
I bought some blue and brown bakers twine from Pop Roc parties. I love bakers twine it’s so pretty. I wound the twine onto an old wooden spool I got from my Oma. Doesn’t it look great?
 I threaded the twine through the holes and suck my pretty labels on.
I tied my new labels onto my baskets. They look very smart and so organised. It’s so easy to put things away when we’ve been shopping and also so super easy to find food when we want it.
I think that might be every post I can write about my wonderful pantry. I still love my pantry so much. I still don’t have doors on the pantry but I do like walking past and seeing how amazing it looks.

Madeleine  x
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