Basil pesto

It’s summer time and that means lots and lots of yummy fresh herbs. I went a little overboard with the basil (I bought 3 bundles from Awapuni nurseries) well you can NEVER have too much basil! I’ve never had a huge amount of success growing basil until I read my byrd house’s tip on pruning basil. Basically you take the top leaves (c2 cm) of the basil plant rather than the side leaves; this has resulted in lovely healthy, beautiful abundant basil plants. Woop woop success!!!
So what are we doing with all the basil? Eat it in everything of course! Pasta sauce, silverbeet and cottage cheese lasagna, toasties and so much more. The bunny and chooks are enjoying the odd leaf or two as well. Wow my bunny goes crazy for basil it’s like bunny nip!!!
We decided to make pesto too. Pesto is so yummy and super expensive at the supermarket! We worked out that the amount we made cost less than $5 the same amount would cost about $15 at the supermarket and ours frankly just tasted so much better!!

pesto_own_nzTo make your own pesto:

1 cup well packed fresh basil leaves

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

3 Tbsps cashew nuts (or pine nuts)

2 cloves garlic


60g grated parmesan cheese

Blend basil, oil, nuts, garlic and salt until smooth. We used a food processor which made the job super easy and quick.
Once blended pour into a bowl and stir in cheese.
Store in the fridge or freeze.

pesto_own_nzEat on toast, crackers, chips or cook up some spaghetti and simply stir the pesto through. Was so yummy!! I want to make some variations of this ie sun dried tomatoes or feta and spinach or coriander. Yummy.


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