Banana jam

 Little monkey John just LOVES bananas; he would eat three or four bananas a day if he could. New Zealand Gardener magazine July 2010 edition had a recipe for banana jam. I thought what better to make a little monkey! So far this year I’ve made peach and banana jam. I want to make plum and cinnamon jam and also feijoa jam.
Making your own jam saves you so much money. I’ve found on average making your own jam will cost around the same as two or three jars of store bought jam. Cheaper if you get your fruit for free. You also know exactly what has gone into your jam and you can make whatever combo of flavours you like and often can’t buy.

Banana Jam recipe 

12 bananas (I buy free trade) 

1.25kg white sugar

Juice of 3 lemons

1 tsp brandy


Peel and break bananas into pieces in a large pan.

Mix together the lemon juice and sugar.

Cover the bananas with the sugar/ lemon juice mix leave for two hours. 

 Simmer gently then bring to the boil rapidly. Stir constantly until jam is set.
To test if the jam is ready
add a drop of jam on a plate. Put the plate in the fridge for a minute if the jam sticks to the plate and doesn’t run the jam is ready. 
Mash the bananas into small pieces.  
Stir in the brandy.
Fill hot sterilised jars and put on the lids. 
Turn the jars upside down until the jam is cold.
Basically the jam tastes like bananas and sugar. John just loves his banana jam! Enjoy,
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