Bamboo teepees

I have been redoing my berry gardens.I’ve added lots of compost and sheep pellets to try to boost the soil. I’m also going to get some mushroom compost to use as a mulch; will also be good to make the soil more acidic; which my berries will like. My boysenberries have been allowed to run all over the place so I thought I’d tie them up with a bamboo teepee. Once of my raspberries also needed tying up; the others aren’t getting enough sun so aren’t big enough to tying they will be moved to a sunnier spot very soon.

Bamboo teepees are so cheap, easy and fun to make:

All you’ll need is 3 or 4 bamboo sticks of the same size, some twine and a pair of scissors.     bamboo_teepees_makeWrap the twin around and in between the sticks. This needs to be tight but you’ll also need room to allow the sticks to be spread out.

bamboo_teepees_makeNow get a hammer (I used a brick) and hammer the teepee into the ground. Wrap your plants around or through the teepee.  bamboo_teepees_makeMy berries look so much happier (and tidier!!!). You can actually use these for any plants. Last year I used these teepees for my tomato plants. Here’s an arty farty photo for you too!

bamboo_teepees_makeFingers crossed I’ll get a good crop of berries this year. Yummy!!!


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