Backyard bounty by Janet Luke

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With it being waste free week what better way to not produce any waste than to live off the land for four months! Yep four months of only eating food Janet Luke and her family grew, killed or food they could barter for. Wow what an impressive challenge to undertake and Janet shares the whole journey in her amazing book Backyard bounty, creating a local food system.
Yep I said amazing because as always Janet delivers one amazing book after another (I have her new book next to my bed just waiting and begging me to read it). This is Janet’s second book and I loved it so much that I’ve read it cover to cover not once but twice. There are only a few other books I’ve read twice and I could easily read this book a third time or more.
So what’s all the big deal about living off the land for four months? Janet and her family live in the middle of the city on a quarter acerish section. Janet grew most of her own food including her own meat in the form of rabbits and snails, now that’s true dedication. What Janet couldn’t grow she bartered using honey, flowers or other yummies out of her garden. I love that Janet even had some milking goats for their dairy needs. Wow I wish I had room for some goats. Goat milk ice cream anyone?
I ate this book up and shared Janet’s trails (Iike where to get ones caffeine fix!?) and many triumphs; I often roared with laughter and at moments even cried I was laughing so hard. Backyard Bounty is full of pointers on how to make your own life more self sufficient with great recipes and other tips to reduce your own reliance on the supermarkets. Anyway to stay out of the supermarket seems like a good idea to me. I love how Janet got her community involved with the project; it gives me hope that the community spirit is alive and well. This book is a must for anyone wanting to be more self sufficient from trying to grow your own food to keeping quails and rabbits for produce to the whole hog of living off the land. Janet is a woman after my own heart I feel so inspired by her and her books and maybe one day I’ll give this a go too. Ekk wow living off the land for four months. Now how to get my goat?
You can buy this fantastic book from Green urban living or as an ebook.
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