Back to basics: Using natural methods in your everyday ife

Today’s wonderful guest post has been kindly written by Sara. Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of nanny pro.
As technology progresses we get further and further away from the old days. The days when everything was done by hand without machines or chemicals or elaborate processes. Thankfully the current generation is waking up to the dangers of processed foods and toxins in our everyday lives and has moved back to the basics of living.
Here are some ways you can go back to basics in your everyday life:
1. Clean Up – Cleaning up means lots of harsh chemicals and anti-bacterial agents, right? Wrong. In the old days people used natural things to clean with. Orange, lemon and pine oils work great to clean and polish wood. Vinegar is a great deodorizer. Baking soda scrubs away tough stains. Hydrogen peroxide whitens and sanitizes. There are all sorts of everyday items that can be used to clean up without hurting the environment or the health of your family.
2. Eating – Mass produced foods, pesticide laden produce, and processed foods are not healthy for your family. Instead, go back to the basics with produce bought from your local farmer or rancher. Or grow your own in your backyard garden. Sustainable gardens can be grown in small spaces and with no artificial pesticides. Flowers like Marigold’s and herbs like garlic act as a natural pest deterrent to keep your garden green. Natural fertilizers, like the waste from your backyard chickens, help to keep the soil good for growing.

3. Transportation – Instead of wasteful cars, why not walk? Walking, biking or public transportation was the way to get around in the old days and still works today. Although we have been spoiled by driving the car up to the market or work, it is really not necessary. Most of us live within close proximity to our work and shopping places and can easily spend a few more minutes on our bikes instead of in the car.
As you can see, these changes are not hard and can make a great impact in our lives and the plant. Not only do we live healthier lives but we can also take pride in what we accomplish. Set aside the consumer mentality and get back to basics by using natural methods in your everyday life.

Thank you so much Sara for this informative piece.
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