Back of door storage

The back of cupboard doors provide heaps of extra space to organise your life and tidy up your kitchen. I thought I’d share what the inside of some of my cupboards look like. 
On the back of two doors I have three racks with herbs and spices within easy arms reach of the stove top. Also having them on display like this means we can always see what items we need to stock up on.         
My foils are on the back of another door. No need to waste precious drawer space for items that we hardly ever use.  
I have my gloves on the back of the door under the sink. I punched holes in the gloves and slipped them over a hook. Great way to stop them sticking together and makes them so easy to find. I make sure they are dry before I hang them up otherwise they would drip everywhere.   
My soap nut bags are hanging on the back of my laundry cupboard. I hang them up as soon as I pull them out of the wash. Helps dry them out and makes it so much easier to find them.  
I love everything to be organised and tidy. Do you utilise the back of your cupboards?   
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