Baby wipes solution revisited

Two years ago I did a post on the baby wipes solution that I use. I have been using this wipes solution ever since and swear by it. I have spoken to a few people and they mention how their solution has gone mouldy due to how they use the product. What most people do is fill a container with cloth wipes and then pour the solution over the top I use this product a little differently. I buy good quality rosewater and witch hazel in 1L containers to keep me going for six months or so.


Baby wipes solution

2 cups water

4 T rosewater

4 T witch hazel

I use an old jar with markings on it so I don’t have to measure the solution out every time.

So my real trick to using this solution is to have a container that I pour some of the solution into and then I simply dip my cloth wipes into the solution every time we need to change John’s nappy. The solution and wipes stay fresh and are ready whenever they are needed. I love this solution and wouldn’t be without it. What do you like to use?



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