Baby communication

John at 5 weeks
June article for the Parents centre newsletter 

Babies are actually very effective communicators; once you know that they can communicate and are little people rather than just crying machines. Their cries are actually quite different for different needs. While pregnant I read Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg; this book is brilliant in so many ways but one of the greatest ideas I got from this book is that babies are born with the ability to communicate – if you listen and are aware that they can interact with you well before they can talk. So as soon as John was born my husband and I listened for sounds/ cries that meant things; we picked up a pattern pretty quickly but it wasn’t until we watched Dunstan Baby Language that we REALLY understood what John wanted.
Dunstan Baby Language is an AMAZING tool for any and all parents. It is a dvd (though the website is fantastic and you can watch most of the information on you tube) that teaches parents about baby communication in the first three months of life. The first three months can be a difficult period and so it can really make life easier for you and your child when you can understand what they need/ want. The basics of the programme is that babies make 5 sounds; Neh = hungry, owh = tired, eh = burp me, eairh = lower wind, heh = wet/dry/hot/cold.   
This programme work really well for the first three months and then babies don’t use this language anymore but by already being aware that your child “speaks” it isn’t that hard to keep up with what your child is telling you. At 11 months old I’m pretty in tune with what John wants and needs. The next step will be teaching him some sign language. Some of these words will be true sign language and some will be our own made up words. Will let you know how this goes.
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