I love avocados they are magic! There is so much you can do with them; you can mash them, eat them whole, make guacamole, you can spread it on toast, make sushi, add it to a salad or put it in soup. Sadly though they turn brown quickly once cut so are normally only good if you eat them whole there and then. So today’s tip is just pour lemon or lime juice all over the avocado and pop into a snap lock bag (which can be washed and used several times of course) the avo will be good for several days (not that they normally last several days in my home!).
I also read somewhere (can’t remember where sorry) that you can mash and then freeze avocados for several months though they are apparently only good for guac but I do love a good guac. Mr Ecochick even made guacamole with 10 little cherry tomatoes from our garden yesterday how cool is that? I’ve also found a supplier that has developed a root stock for a Hass avocado that survives the cold weather in Wellington. I can’t wait to plant one at the front of our home. I love big tall trees outside homes.
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