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About madeleine

NZ Ecochick is about my family and our journey to living a (semi) self sufficient life on our backyard homestead. We live on a quarter acerish section, with our chooks and quails, and grow a lot of our own food. NZ Ecochick is about the greenest options and frugal living, diy, crafting, repurposing, organizing, and our life in general.

Ditch the chemicals

Welcome to week one of Green Urban Livings Autumn challenge. Week one is all about ditching the chemicals! There are plenty of ways you can ditch the chemicals in your life. So I thought I’d…

Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth!

Cloth I love you!!! Oh how I love you!!! Why should you love cloth too? Cloth will save you money; truck loads of money; cloth will reduce your waste; oh so so much waste; cloth…