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About madeleine

NZ Ecochick is about my family and our journey to living a (semi) self sufficient life on our backyard homestead. We live on a quarter acerish section, with our chooks and quails, and grow a lot of our own food. NZ Ecochick is about the greenest options and frugal living, diy, crafting, repurposing, organizing, and our life in general.

Reduce your waste kitchen appliances

I do love some helpful awesome kitchen appliances; I’m actually a bit of an appliance whore. I have decluttered and so I have only kept the ones I use regularly! I wanted to share some…

Breadmaker sour dough

We’ve (well Mr Ecochick has) been making bread for years now and we’ve now moved onto making our bread totally waste free by using a sourdough starter a girlfriend gave us. Woohoo for totally waste…