Asparagus container plants

At the supermarket the other day I saw some asparagus crowns and just couldn’t help myself so I bought them. I had to some research as I really had no idea what to do with these plants. Everything I’ve read says that they need permanent beds as it take four years before you can eat the asparagus so this is a long term project. Since my soil is really clayey I couldn’t put the crowns anywhere in the ground so I decided to plant the crowns in some great rubbish bin planters I was given. I found a video on youtube that shows you how to plant asparagus in containers.

I put my crowns in water overnight partly as I didn’t have time to plant them the day I got them but also I read that you should soak them for at least half an hour before planting them. I had no idea how pretty the ferns of the asparagus plant are. I also love the cute little white asparagus spears that are already growing.

Asparagus need really good drainage and high organic content. I put a layer of stones in the bottom of my container then a layer of leaves. I added (Mr Ecochick did as a 40L is pretty heavy for me to lift) 10L of ZooDoo (any compost will do) then a whole bag of potting mix, then another 10L of Zoodoo. Pat down the compost to get rid of the air. I dug a hole to put my crown in and added some dynamic lifter as I love this fertiliser. Then fill in the soil until the baby asparagus tips are just above the surface. 

Little John thought gathering the leaves in 
his wheelbarrow was great fun.
I love my cute new asparagus plants. I’ve put them in a site that gets lots of sun with the plan that one day I will make a permanent bed for them but for the next few years they will live in the containers.

Asparagus is a long term project as you can’t cut and eat the asparagus until they are four years old. The ones I planted are one year old Mary Washington crowns. When the plants are three years old you can cut some of the asparagus to eat but not too many as the crowns need all this time to strengthen. Once the plant is four years old you can keep cutting the asparagus spears at whatever thickness or length you like. I read that once the spears become pencil thin leave the plant alone till the following session.
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One thought on “Asparagus container plants

  1. Bronwyn Phillimore
    October 25, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Hey Madeleine

    I’ve just come across your blog, but I think I will be seeing a lot of you. I am an Interior Designer student, currently studying my Diploma. But i’m also doing a micro course in Sustainable Practice in the Built Environment through Otago Polytech. I’ve had to do a lot of independent study to discover what sustainable design and architecture means and the more I’ve studied and researched, the more I am convinced that we must ‘grab the bull by the horns’ and spread the word and how to become healthy and recreate a healthy planet ourselves. We can’t wait for someone else to make ‘governmental’ decisions to make change.

    On my little section in Hawera, Taranaki, my husband and I have our 5 chickens, and our vege garden is getting bigger, especially now that there is some better weather happening. I just looked up how to grow asparagus in a pot to discover your blog so I’m really pleased to ‘meet’ you.

    I discovered a website yesterday called ecodeals, and they have great recycled and reusable products that I’ve going to try and then put up on my facebook page (The Design Principle) as i’m slowly promoting more sustainable design for new and renovating builds.

    I look forward to your next blog and learning more.