Appliance junky

Ok I admit it this green machine here (that would be me) is an appliance junky. I try not to be but they make your life SO much easier and are so much faster at doing things and so save me time and money. Right? I never realised we had so appliances till we moved everything to the spare room to start the renovations. 
So how about a list of what I can remember that we own:
1960s Kenwood mixer – I LOVE my Kenwood mixer I bought this when I was 18 for $25!
Sodastream machine – very green and easy
Rice cooker – a friend gave me this – yummy sushi and turmeric curry rice
Dehydrator – allows me to make our own dried fruit – saves us money and waste
Blender – this actually belongs to Mr Brother-in-law Ecochick – smoothies need I say more
Toastie pie maker – might get rid of this one as we have been given a sandwich press
Sandwich press – home made paninis – why are they so crazy expensive in cafes?
Orange juicer – I’ve had this since I was about 15 I used to use it every day. Haven’t used it in ages but I think I’ll keep it for when John is older than I can make fresh orange juice rather than store bought sugar.
Dishwasher (though ours is dead at the moment and I’m not enjoying washing dishes by hand) – did you know that washing dishes by hand actually uses more water and energy than a dishwasher does! Good reason to have one.
Yoghurt maker – makes cheaper yoghurt – I can also control what goes into our yoghurt – ie reduce sugar and preservatives.
3in1 microwave – does grilling as well as heats up leftovers, etc – I know a lot of people are anti-microwaves but I find they save us a lot of wasted food as we can freeze leftovers and reheat them another day.
Air purifier, dehumidifier and a water purifier – I believe all these help keep our home and bodies a little less toxic.  
Xbox – I bought this for Mr Ecochick for Christmas a few years ago he loves his gaming. We don’t own a tv so we have a computer each to play with.  
Overlocker – I love my overlocker though haven’t given it as much love as I thought. Allows me to make and mend clothes, gifts, etc.
Obviously we have the usual suspects too i.e. toaster, jug, fridge/ freezer (soon to be a chest fridge!), vacuum cleaner, oven and a hob, iron (yes I do own one not that you’ll catch me using it), washing machine (though in the garage at the moment waiting patiently to be allowed back in), dryer (I so didn’t want one but they do make life easier with cloth nappies), heaters, desktop computer and my super green laptop.  
Looking at this maybe I’m not as bad as I thought? It’s not like I go looking for gadgets to buy and generally only buy them if I think they will actually make a difference to my life. Though I’ve been known to get carried away – ie the very cool idea of the dehydrator though I have used it a few times and will use it more when summer comes. I don’t regret buying or being given any of the appliances I have and trust me they will be used to death or given away before they see the inside of any tip. Appliances can be green and save you lots of money and time though I don’t deny that I’m an appliance junky.
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