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nz_eco_homesteadCoconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flour; coconut is the newest and greatest (well it’s been around for centuries but we’ve only just cottoned here). Coconut oil is safe to heat at high temperatures so makes it the perfect cooking oil. It can be used from frying eggs to roasting potatoes, baking muffins and everything in between. I was unsure of what coconut oil to buy (there are so many brands and companies out there!!!) Then the wonderful folk at The Coconut Oil Shop NZ got in touch and sent me my own amazing selection of coconut products to try out. Check out how beautiful these products are…

coconut_oil_usesI’ve tried other coconut oils but I didn’t like any of them as much as I like the oil from the The Coconut Oil Shop NZ. Check out those beautiful 1L glass jars! Did you get that 1L coconut oil in GLASS jars! man do I LOVE that!!!

I love both the Ancient Wisdom organic extra virgin raw coconut oil (this one smells a little stronger but tastes fantastic. I think this is my favourite) and the White Gold organic extra virgin coconut oil (smells and tastes great). I find the only time I can taste a tiny bit of coconut oil is when frying eggs but otherwise you never notice any strong flavour. I love cooking with coconut oil as it doesn’t matter how much you use it’s super good for you. You can eat coconut oil, rub it on your skin or make amazing balms out of it.

The coconut butter/ creamed coconut is super yummy in yoghurt though melt it first or you’ll have clumps of coconut oil in your yoghurt (not such a bad thing really). Or you can spread it on toast like peanut butter. You can also make coconut milk from it. I want to have a go making coconut yoghurt from it. Would be super yummy if it works out. Will let you know how I go.

coconut_oil_usesThe coconut flour smells fantastic and is fun to use. It is super dry so you can’t just swap one for one use proper coconut flour recipes. I did make some yummy banana pikelets and fluffed them up by adding 2T of coconut flour.

I was also sent some goats milk soap which smells rather goatliek as you would expect. It feels lovely on your skin so smooth and silky. It is specially designed for people with hypersensitive skin.

Now for the amazing giveaway you’ve all been waiting for….

coconut_oil_usesThis amazing coconut prize consists of

1L White Gold organic extra virgin coconut oil

100ml Ancient Wisdom organic extra virgin raw coconut oil

500ml coconut butter/ creamed coconut

1 kg coconut flour

3 bars of goats milk soap

Wow what an incredible prize that one lucky reader will win.

Sorry since I am posting this prize this is New Zealand only.
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Thanks so much to my sponsors

coconut_oil_uses coconut_oil_usesThanks for entering and good luck.


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