Aerial be gone!

 I used to hate looking at the roof of my home
and seeing these ugly tv aerial/ satellites.
Not only do I think these are ugly 
we also have no need for them since we don’t own a tv
(this photo is from last winter. I hope it snows again this year).  
When someone posted on freecycle that they wanted a satellite 
I jumped at the chance to get rid of it.
When the guy was on the roof I asked him to take down the aerial as well. 
Doesn’t my roof look so much better?
What did I do with the old aerial?
I put it in my garden of course!
 Broad beans now happily grow up two of the arms.
 Some more beans grow up the stand and the rest of the arms. 
I was going to turn the four long bits into a tepee but the beans were too big to move. I’ll make one next year.
(Please ignore the messy garden I’m not a huge fan of autumn).
I love freecycle and recycling!
 Madeleine  x
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