I found when using cloth nappies a few extra “accessories” are useful.

I like to dry pail my dirty nappies. This means no soaking of nappies is necessary.  Dirty nappies, wipes, etc get thrown in the nappy bucket and every morning I just throw the nappy bucket contents into the washing machine.  I’ve found that the dirty nappies don’t smell. After emptying the bucket I wipe it out with a cloth and some tea tree oil.

I like to use flushable liners in my nappies since this means that the poohs are captured in the liner which can then be flushed down the toilet. I prefer Popli liners as these can be ripped in half and then fit perfectly inside the Itti Bittis. These wipes can also be washed in the washing machine and reused if wanted.   

I have a wet bag for when out and about to put dirty nappies in. I bought one from Itti Bitti because I couldn’t help myself. I only put clean nappies, liners wipes, etc in it to keep everything all together so I don’t need to search all through my bag. I bought a cheap wet bag off trade me to throw dirty nappies in, which is washed each time it’s used.

Lastly, I love Yours Naturally Baby Balm. This is a great product which can be used anywhere on the skin as a moisturiser. I  generally use this as a botty balm with every nappy change. The balm creates a nice barrier that makes cleaning really easy, smells great and is actually edible.

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