A wonderful quiet Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning and we’re at mum and dad’s lovely warm home. The boys are still asleep and it is so quiet and peaceful (well except for the snoring of the sick old cat next to me). I can’t get over how peaceful today feels I’m the only one up really don’t know the last time I felt this kind of quiet and peace. Strange must be from the knowledge that my life is pretty amazing and I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. I guess I can sit here quietly in peace knowing how full and fantastic my life is. We’re at mum and dad’s as they are away for the weekend and we have no shower so we’re playing here. It’s really nice to be sitting here in my nighty and mum’s dressing gown and their house is so warm I have no socks on. I so love central heating. We’re going to save up and get some too. I know it’s not the most environmental thing to do but I really hate being cold (we’re just looking at our options at the moment). So just thought I’d share my morning peace and strong feelings of love today. This photo kind of sums up how I feel this morning; so lots of love and peace to you all. 
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