A total garden or no garden

Miniature herb garden
I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. A terrible trait really, but that’s just how I am. Before John was born we were going to redo the garden and make a vegetable garden so we can grow our own veggies. 
We were also going to make some planter pots to make a herb garden. We have a horrible concrete wall next to the house which is great at keeping the garden secret and also providing shelter but is rather ugly. I thought hanging planter pots would make it look nice as well as being practical. Though neither of these things have happened.

So we were just going to wait till summer to make our new garden happen, that means in the mean time no fresh herbs or home grown veggies. This was until a girlfriend came round and gave us rosemary and thyme plants in pots as a gift. These were promptly placed on the kitchen window sill. So now we have a miniature herb garden in the kitchen.

Another of her visits she gave us a mint and a parsley plant so the miniature herb garden is growing. It’s so wonderful to have these in the kitchen so now we can have fresh herbs in our dinner. First day of Spring today (woohoo!!!!) so I guess our outside garden will be made soon. Though might keep the plants on the window sill as they look so nice and are super handy for dinner time.

So no need to be all or nothing!!

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