A pig’s tail

The Humane Society released this fantastic video recently. It really makes you think. I’m a staunch vegetarian and have been for over half my life; this is now my second vegetarian pregnancy as well. I am a strong believe in only buying and eating free range eggs (I can’t wait to get my own chooks then I will truly know where they come from!). Mr Ecochick and John are mostly vegetarian; in that we don’t normally cook meat at the home but if we’re out they eat whatever they want. If the boys do buy chicken or bacon it is always free range. Luckily in New Zealand all our cows and sheep live in fields and are grass fed.
I know buying free range is more expensive than buying factory farmed but it’s about what’s important to you. Since we don’t often buy meat we can afford to spend the extra money on free range meat and eggs. Animal welfare is hugely important to me and so we add that extra cost into our budget.
I know if your family eats meat every day free range might seem out of your budget but choosing to go meat free a few days a week means you can spend the money to make sure the animals you do eat can have a better life.I hope I’ve given you something to think about.
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