A no TV home

We’re a no tv household and we love it. It’s funny when I tell people we don’t own a tv the first look on their face is can’t you afford a tv, then they realise that tvs are cheap. So they say why? It’s a personal choice. I mean I don’t see why it’s so strange that we don’t own a tv. I guess it’s different from the norm so I guess to most people it’s strange.

When I was growing up the only tv in the house was a 14 inch tv that lived in the spare room and was bought into the lounge on Saturday nights when we would have a family night. A piggy meal (eating from the coffee table rather than sitting all together at the kitchen table where we normally ate) and we watched a family movie or tv (ie Macgyver or Nightrider – showing my age there!). I loved Saturday night movie nights and piggy meals – they were so special and so much fun. Other than that we didn’t really watch much tv while growing up and I really don’t feel I missed out on anything. Mr Ecochick was allowed to choose 3 programmes a week which they had to “book” in. So he feels the same why I do about tv viewing. We’ll be the same with our children.


We’re not all high and mighty. We still watch tv programmes, we just choose which programmes we watch and when we watch them. I love that we have no ad breaks and can stop and start programmes whenever we want. Mostly though I love that there is no ugly tv in our lounge.



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