A Home Companion

Book review: A Home Companion by the one and only Wendyl Nissen. This book review was a guest post I did for Healthy Alternatives

After reading Mother’s little helper I’m seriously addicted to everything Wendyl. I think Mr Ecochick might actual be sick of hearing “Wendyl says….” So as you might have guessed I’ve just finished Wendyl Nissen’s fantastically, wonderful A Home Companion. I just LOVE this book! It is an absolute pleasure to read; funny, informative, witty, serious, green, knowledgeable great old fashioned advice. Wendyl’s A Home Companion is a year in the life of living how her grandmother would have lived on Wendyl’s path to self sufficiency. It all started with three chickens called Marigold, Hillary and Yoko and the year just gets better from there.

home_companion_wendylThe book is written as a journey/ memoir/ diary as Wendyl goes through the months of the year. Each chapter is a month and each month has its own flavours, sessions and events of normal family happenings but now Wendyl has added her goal of self sufficiency by doing things as her grandmother would have done, including the history of how the Green Goddess business all began. At the end of each chapter there are wonderful recipes, gift ideas or home products you can make; Wendyl’s bread is delicious, her oatmeal bath is wonderful on nappy rash and the circulation bath has become my answer to well pretty much everything!

I have to say I’m very sad I’ve finished this book I feel like I’m missing a good friend after sharing a year in Wendyl’s life. This book definitely had me in its clutches and I will certainly be buying my own copy to read over and over again. This book is for all women, whether you want to do everything within your home yourself or you just want to be a green goddess on the weekends. Enjoy.


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