A fridge in the kitchen! Who would have thought!??!

I love my chest fridge. I love it so much!! The chest fridge was living in the laundry and I was happy with it there but we decided to buy a chest freezer rather than an upright one so we had to make room for the fridge in the kitchen (I know crazy right a fridge in the kitchen!)
I spent a few days looking for an energy efficient freezer for a decent price but they were crazy expensive so we decided to rearrange the kitten to fit the fridge in the kitchen and move the new freezer in the laundry. Chest freezers really are the only way to freeze food cheaply and efficiently.   
Kitchen before with the old poopy freezer.
Mr Ecochick came up with the clever idea of separating the two pantries so that we could move the large pantry against the wall and move the fridge into the large space. This was a mission boy those pantries are heavy! 
After a morning’s work we got there and moved the fridge into the kitchen. Woop woop I love my new kitchen. It looks fantastic and all it took was a morning. We found some matching wall paper in the attic so we can patch up the wall paper. I also want a cupboard above the fridge as you really can never have too much cupboard space. My kitchen feels so open and spacious now.    
Fancy new kitchen
And the old leftover pantry was moved into the garage and now I have somewhere nice and tidy to store all my garden supplies. 
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