5LPM Methven showerhead

After I wrote my review of our Methven showerhead what do I see in my inbox a week later? An email from Methven NZ! That’s right they loved my blog and wanted to send me a 5 litre per minute showerhead to try instead of our 8LPM one. Below are my findings on the Kiri 5LPM showerhead. Even though Methven sent me this product to try all views are completely my own.

The new Methven Kiri 5LPM showerhead was really easy to swap over and only required a spanner and off came the new and on with the newer Kiri. We’d only had the 8LPM showerhead in our bathroom for about 3 weeks so I was used to the pressure and the time it took to heat up. I was very sceptical of a 5LPM showerhead as I felt the 8LPM was boarder line, though a great shower, but the new shower surprised me. When you compare the two showerheads you notice that the 5 has only 9 water holes compared to the numerous ones that the 8 has. Both showers use the satinjet technology so surprisingly the number of holes makes no difference to your showering experience. The shower stream is narrower on the 5LPM but after a day or so you forget about this and the money you save in power and water use is totally worth it.
shower nz ecochickAll in the 5LPM showerhead surprised me with its power and is a very satisfactory product; there is no loss of shower-time enjoyment using the 5LPM. If I had known about the 5LPM showerhead and having now tried it I would totally have bought it for our bathroom. When I asked Methven why this product wasn’t advertised more they said it was originally designed for the commercial market as they believed New Zealand wasn’t ready for such a ultra-low flow rate but New Zealand I think you are.
Note: Methven states that the 5LPM can’t be use with all continuous water heaters. We have a Bosch and the showerhead works fine with this so please check with them if you do decide to get this showerhead.  

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