Five years on…

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Wow the last five years have gone so fast and what fun we’ve had. I thought I’d share a quick run through our life of the last five years. Here we go…wedding_love_fiveIn 2009 we were so young and very much in love on our wedding day. We are still crazy in love five years on just as it should be. Mr Ecochick really is my world and the love of my life.

wedding_love_fiveAlso in 2009 we bought our first home. I love our house. We’ve done so much on it over the last four years. We’ve redone the bathroom and laundry, John’s room, Gabriel’s room and so much around the garden.

wedding_love_fiveThen in 2010 along came my beautiful little John; light of my life. He keeps me entertained plus drives me crazy some of the time. Really can’t imagine life without my sweet baby boy.


2013 along came my angel Gabriel. Now that my angel is here my life is complete. I have my two beautiful boys that I love like crazy.   garden_nz_ecochickWe’ve worked hard on becoming more self sufficient on our urban homestead and have done a huge amount of work on our garden. We grow lots of our own fruit and vegetables. This year we even got our own plums, nectarine, peaches and grapes. Yummy.

chickens_orpingtons_nzOf course no homestead would be complete without a chook or quail or two.

I love my life. I feel so blessed and special to have three amazing boys in my life who I love to bits. Wow thank you Mr Ecochick for an amazing five years of love, fun and craziness. Woohoo what a ride!!!


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