5 green baby tips

Nazila from the fantastic blog Green Eyed Monster Blog (GEMB) asked me to do a guest blog for her. All very exciting. Below is the post I did for her readers: 5 green baby tips. Check her great blog out as well.

Cloth nappies

I love cloth nappies little John has been wearing them since he was a week old and we have never looked back. They are so easy to use now with the fancy nappies that you can buy. Things to look out for are what material the nappies are made of and ease of use. I prefer bamboo and organic cotton as these are more absorbent and last longer (though do take longer to dry). I also like nappies where the boosters can be snapped in and out so you don’t have to wash the whole nappy every time you change your baby. You can also get loads of fluffy and coloured nappies. Nappies have never been as much fun as they are now! Tip: use flushable liners! Makes your life so much easier and are way less messy!

Cloth wipes and wipes solution

cloth_eco_nzCloth wipes go hand in hand with cloth nappies. I prefer bamboo velour cloth wipes as these are easy to clean, thick and easy to use. I use a wipes solution invented by the green goddess but you can just use water on the wipes if you like. The wipes solution: ½ cup water, 1 Tbs rosewater, 1 Tbs witch hazel, mix together and pour over wipes or dip your wipes in this solution. The cloth wipes and this solution are great for nappy rash and saves you loads of money. Not to mention reducing chemicals on your baby’s bottom.

Second hand clothes/ furniture/ everything

Second hand, third hand, hand me downs or antique I love it! Not only are the items often cheaper but they are general better quality and will last longer. Second hand clothes are actually more eco-friendly than buying new organic as the clothes have been washed several times so minimal or no chemical residue is left in the fabric and of course are a lot cheaper. Also of course the clothes have already been used so no new items had to be made the same goes for any second hand furniture.

Wooden and eco friendly toys

I love wooden toys and luckily they are making a huge comeback. I find wooden toys offer greater imagination building activities and encourage self discovery rather than have the toys do everything for you. There are also a great range of recycled plastic toys out there that I love too. Bonus these are often quieter toys too!

Glass baby bottles

Glass baby bottles are fantastic. They are much safer, as some plastic bottles can leech chemicals into your baby’s milk or drink. If you do use plastic buy BPA free ones. Glass bottles are surprising resilient to knocks and drops and generally last longer than the plastic ones (provided you don’t drop them on tiles!).

How do you save money and the environment with your kids?




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