32 years!!!

birthday_eco_nzSo it’s August first and that would make it my birthday. So I definitely feel older for the first birthday EVER! I can tell you though I most certainly DO NOT feel wiser. I’m a 70s baby (just) and therefore I remember a time before we all had computers (oh where would I be without you now!), before the internet existed (life without trade me, facebook; imagine!), before cell phones and before they could text – who remembers their first Nokia – you could drive over it and it would still work!; a time before email when you had a to ring someone or send them snail mail and you couldn’t be late as there was no way to contact them; when you could only buy cassette tapes (even better homemade mixed tapes from the radio!) – I can remember buying my first CD! A world before DVDs – we had a great Mitsubishi black diamond video player. Cameras where you had to wind the film and you had to go get the pictures printed and hope that they were ok. I remember when TVs were huge boxes and super heavy (though we only had a 14inch TV at home and my parent’s didn’t get a bigger one until us kids moved out). That was a quick tour around the last thirty plus years. See why I feel old!! Though it was all ok as we did have fire and the wheel!
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