3 years old!!!!

Wow my baby is three today!!! I can’t believe John is now three he’s such a big boy.
I want to share several series of photos I’ve taken over these amazing 3 years.
In the first washing basket he is one month old, then two years old then three!! Wish I had one when he was one year too. So cute. I want to keep this series going! (I’ve started a series for Gabriel too).
The wooden washing basket series starts with a photo of John at six months on our fantastic trip to Holland, next photo he is having his lunch in a pirate ship at 16 months and the last one he is two and a half years. As you can tell we often play in washing baskets. They make great ships, buses and places to eat lunch.
Since we all often travel there are always suitcases around and what baby wouldn’t want to play in one? John is 10 months and 2 years.
Wow so much can happen in 3 years what an amazing time my angel. I feel so truly blessed to have you in my life and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You make me laugh, cry, swell with pride and feel so truly deeply love. I can never ever get enough of your laughter or when you tell me you love me or hug me for no reason or sing made up songs or just be you. You’re amazing just the way you are and I love you so SO much.
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