3 easy to make natural treats for kids

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel. Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for babysitting.net.
When it comes to snack time many parents feel like they have no choice but to buy prepackaged foods. However that is not true. There are a variety of fun and healthy snacks that you can make right in your own home easily and quickly. Here are three recipes that your kids will love to eat and take only a few minutes to put together:
1. Fruit Roll Ups–Most kids love those sticky sweet packaged fruit rolls, but have you read the ingredients lately? Instead opt for these all natural and easy to make fruit rolls. Just two ingredients (strawberries and apple sauce) and a little drying time and you will have handfuls of rolls to keep kids satisfied. Check out NZ Ecochick’s spiced apple fruit leather recipe.
2. Fruit Popsicles– Who does not love the taste of fresh fruit? These easy to make popsicles have chunks of real fruit and all natural ingredients that you can tailor to your kid’s tastes. I love pineapple and kiwi, so that is a big draw for me but practically any fruit would work in these simple summer treats. Check out NZ Ecochick’s homemade popsicle recipe.
3. Giant Pretzels – These easy to make giant pretzels can be filled with tons of different flavours to suit your child’s taste. With homemade or store bought pizza dough and ingredients like mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or even fennel seed you can mix and match for the perfect flavour. Or just sprinkle on some sea salt and dip in mustard for a tasty treat your kids will love.
Looking for a fun drink to pair with your snacks? Why not make your own pink strawberry milk? You can use skim milk, almond milk or soy milk to make a great and flavourful drink kids will love. Just make simple syrup from fresh or frozen strawberries and a little sugar, strain it and add the syrup to the milk for a pink drink that even milk shy kids will gulp down.

Thank you so much Rachel for this very yummy guest post I look forward to trying some of these treats. Rachel welcomes questions/ comments which can be sent to rachelthomas.author@gmail.com.

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