24 weeks!!!

Wow my pregnancy is flying by and boy we’re both growing very well! I am so much bigger than I was with John!! John is super excited about the baby well the idea of it, well see what the reality when the baby arrives!!! I’m doing really well, loads of energy though am having some braxton hicks which are rather painful but other than that I’m doing fantastic.
From the beginning we’ve told John we’re having a baby and taken him along to both scans so he can see the baby. He comes with me to the midwife and he can listen to the baby there. I think it is really important for John to be a part of the whole processes (we’ll not all of it I don’t think he needs to be there for the birth, though I know some people choose to do this and good on them). John and the new baby are a part of our family and therefore are treated as members of our family rather than just a little child who doesn’t know anything. 
John is super cute you can ask him where the baby is and he’ll point to my rapidly expending belly. He’ll also give my belly kisses, cuddles and say hello baby. The other day I put his hand on my belly and he felt Grape kick. He thought this was great and was just delighted. He sat still for about 10 minutes feeling the baby kicking. So cute!  
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