21 weeks

Wow Grape is 21 weeks tomorrow!!! We had a scan done today and Grape is very happy and healthy. Wow also so super mobile!!! The photo on the left we took on the weekend under our pretty flowering (non edible) cherry tree. My belly is so much bigger than when I was pregnant with John at 21 weeks (photo on the right). Last pregnancy I put on a lot of weight and most of it wasn’t John! This pregnancy I’ve only put on about 4 kgs. Which I’m very happy about. I’m doing very well at the moment (though I do have another stupid cold! grr). I find second trimesters always much easier and I have heaps more energy though I over did it a bit on the weekend and so am pretty tired today. Wow 19 weeks to go till we can meet our little one.           
Madeleine  x
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