18:18; Janine’s relay for life

My girlfriend Janine was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago she fought this beast and won! To celebrate her achievement she is walking for 18 hours on her own as part of the relay for life. I’m so proud of Janine and her family. She’s had a very difficult 18 months but she has stayed strong and come out as the fighter I know she is. I feel blessed to have her in my life. Janine was actually the person who pushed/ encouraged me to start NZ Ecochick. So if it wasn’t for her I would never have had the guts to start writing. I call her my muse! Please read her story and if you can please support her with a donation.

Janine: Around 18 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer, fortunately for me I’m alive and well. However Cancer changed me; I had piled on tonnes of weight following the birth of my only daughter (she was 15 months old when I was diagnosed). I had also I moved to a city that had literally started shaking – destroyed by earthquakes.

Fast forward 6 months ago – I decided enough was enough – I wanted to get back to the basics and appreciate life. So I set about changing one thing every week. Not just my pledge to walk 18 hours solo to raise money for cancer; this 18 hours will also celebrate exactly 18 months from when I was first diagnosed. I also lost my father at the same time to cancer too. Yes a terrible time.

Leading on in the past 6 months, many changes have come about from your blog. I had never really eaten vegetarian food nor had I really been self sufficient and grown enough vegies to feed the family for the entire year. We are now living our dream, eat clean food everyday, we are happy and healthy and I am walking my 18 hours solo in 3 weeks time. I credit my success of fitness not only to my Personal Trainer, but to following your way of life and clean eating too. It’s all about making one change a week.

I only ask that you ask your readers to donate something small too. It’s all about paying things forward – 1 in 3 are diagnosed with cancer every year. Please help us in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. 8000 New Zealanders die of cancer related diseases each year! I’m determined and committed to reducing that statistic – but I need your help.
Please support me as I participate in Relay For Life. Relay For Life is an overnight team event that raises funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand.
I will be undertaking to walk the entire 18 hours on my own. I am a survivor, this day will mark 18 months since I was first diagnosed. I have been keeping a blog about my training progress. As well as taking part my goal is to raise at least $1800 for my local Cancer Society. I am making a financial and physical commitment to this event – and challenge you to match my commitment by sponsoring me please.

During February and March 2013 the Cancer Society is staging 22 Relay For Life events from Whangarei in the north to Dunedin in the south. My team is 18:18 Janine’s Relay Team relaying at Rangiora Show grounds.
Thanks so very much for your support
Janine 🙂

Good luck my dear I am so proud of you.



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